Small Shop Spotlight // Bannor Toys

I'm Stacey, the co-founder of Bannor Toys.  I've had a lot of jobs in my 34 years; from being a live in nanny to working in a flower shop, for a cruise line, in a hotel, a bank, a medical office...I've done a lot of things and never really known what I wanted to do.  The day Jesse cut out the first wooden truck for my daycare kids something changed.  We had no idea this little company we started in our basement would turn into what it is today!  Owning a company that is able to impact so many things is the only job I've ever been passionate about, and it has become so much more than just a job.  I don't mind the late nights at the workshop after the kids go to bed, or sitting at the computer working on listings until 2 am; this company makes me happy.  You, our customers, make me happy.  I love getting to interact with you all on social media and through email, I am both humbled and proud to see each and every photo we get tagged in, you all have let our family business become a part of your children's stories and for that we are incredibly blessed and grateful.  We are able to donate toys, time, and money to charities because of this little company we started in our basement.   Thank you for supporting our family dream!

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