Small Shop Spotlight // Lennon & Co.

LennonAndCo unofficially started while on bed rest in the hospital (while I was 35 weeks preggo with Lennon).  With nothing else to do, I asked my husband to bring my craft box which had fabric scraps I previously had was as if I knew this was going to happen.  Nearly two weeks later, more than 30 bow ties were made and our beautiful baby girl Lennon was born.  

After giving friends/family bow ties or bow tie onesies as gifts, people continued to ask if I had an Etsy shop?  WIth so many inquiries, it motivated me to pull the trigger and create an official online shop.

I've been grateful for all the business I've had and looooove it when we get a note from a happy customer or see pictures of our products "in the wild".  Brings me great joy to see that someone (or someone little) is enjoying our handmade crafts.

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