Small Shop Spotlight // Haberdash Soul Company

Hi, I'm Chanel. I am the owner and designer of Haberdash Soul Company. Here at Haberdash Soul we are passionate about ethically made, high quality pieces that encompass a nature inspired lifestyle.  Our brand has evolved over the last two years to what you see now and we are so proud of the product we send out to you and your daughters. 

    As a high school English teacher two years ago, I had a dream to spend more time with my three babies and, quite honestly, to stop living pay check to pay check and decided to pursue selling handmade headbands through Etsy to see where it would take me. I was a teacher by day and a business owner by night. To say it was hard would be an understatement but my vision was clear and I would do all I could to make my dream a reality. What began as handmade headbands has evolved into a hand crafted apparel line inspired by simplicity and nature. 

    If you've been along for our journey for awhile, you know we recently underwent a major name change. Haberdash Soul Company began as Camden and Kate. Man, that was a terrifying leap. But I knew I had to be true to myself and my passion for hand crafted apparel. You may wonder why the name change? Well, it really is simple. I wanted a unique name that reflected my vision for this brand and where I see us growing. I am so excited to have you here with us and so grateful for your support of hand crafted clothing. Thank you for seeing the value in artisanal work, you are the reason we do what we do!

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