Small Shop Spotlight // Feltman + Co.

Feltman + Co. is a one of a kind handmade brand operated out of Houston, Texas. Each piece is hand crafted using the best materials available. Our main goal is to carry high-quality, unique toys that are pleasing for both parent and baby. In a world filled with bright plastic toys for babies, we are bringing together natural textures and beautiful vibrant colors. We strive to go above and beyond in the handmade toy world. 

Founder, Caitlin, started Feltman + Co. in January of 2015 making hand crafted birth signs, graphic tees, and more. The brand switched to handmade toys in December of 2015 when Caitlin made their very first teether by combining different elements and textures already approved for teething use. The first double-ring hexagon teether was originally born! New color combinations and styles formed to create our handmade toy line. We pride ourselves on being the original creator of these unique and beautiful teethers.

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