Small Shop Promo is always looking to expand our reach & work with the best of the best.  Our past Small Shop Events were extremely successful for all who were involved, bringing in extremely successful sales & marketing beyond any event on Instagram.

If you're unfamiliar with Small Shop Promo, you may be wondering what an Instagram Promo event is. It's a marketing, and customer outreach promo event all taking place through Instagram and your online business.  How it works is every shop involved offers the exact same promotional code for one day, it's completely up to you to decide what the code offers on your website.  By marketing through social media, using a unique hashtag original to the promo event, & providing an informative website, customers and follower alike can shop and discover the best Small Businesses on Instagram.  It's an incredible new, original and unique way to expose your business to thousands of customers and followers.  Our previous Promo Events were a roaring success.  If you'd like to browse the residual effects, check out the Small Shop Promo Instagram account @smallshoppromo,#sspromo315#sspromojuly,  #ssholidaypromo#shopsmall94 on Instagram.

We're looking for unique, original, high quality, creative, and trustworthy small business owners to participate.  We're also BIG on only involving original shops, meaning we will not have any "competitor" or duplicate shops within the same event.  Integrity and honesty is huge.  We all have worked extremely hard to build our businesses, and trust with our customers & followers, so all shops involved have to meet a certain higher standard. 

If Small Shop Promo sounds like something you'd love to participate in, if you love supporting fellow small business owners, if you are an original small business, we would LOVE to work with you!  Please fill out our application.  Although we would love to work with everyone who applies, in reality we are a small organization with our limits & keep the participant list to a manageable size. This year there is a minimum discount required 20% off for the event, you may do more but that is the lowest that will be accepted this year.

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We want to work with as many small businesses as possible, however we will not be including any duplicate/competing businesses. Please list any businesses we need to be aware of that may qualify as a duplicate of your business. Please be specific, as a broad answer may hinder your possibility of participating. *This information is complete discreet, and only for organization purposes. We will NOT be sharing any of the information you have provided.
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