About Small Shop Promo

Small Shop Promo was created with not only amazing customers in mind, it was created for original Small Business owners looking to work together, network & market on a whole new level!  It's a marketing, and customer outreach promo event all taking place through Instagram and your online business. 

How it works is every Small Shop involved in the event offers the exact same promotional code for one day.  By using a unique hashtag original to the promo event, customers and follower alike can shop and discover the best Small Businesses via social media.  It's an incredible new and unique and completely original way to expose a small business to thousands of amazing customers and followers.  Our previous Small Shop Promo Events were a roaring success for customers & small business owners alike! 

If you'd like to browse the residual effects, check out the Small Shop Promo Instagram account @smallshoppromo, #sspholiday18 #sspspring19 #sspromo315 &  #shopsmall94 on Instagram.